App & Brand Protection

Stop Scammers & Recover Revenue

We use AI Detection models to scan the internet and enforce your brands Trademark, Copyright & Intellectual Property to combat fraud.

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How We Protect You.


Brand Protection

Identify and uphold your Intellectual Property rights across various online platforms, including websites and videos, with our enforcement.


Domain Management

Proactively remove and suspend fraudulent entities utilizing your domain, effectively combating phishing and scams.


Removing Scams

Eliminate the presence of cyberlocker websites promoting free currency by de-indexing them permanently, ensuring they do not resurface.


App Protection

We specialize in detecting and swiftly removing modified APKs and hacks. This not only restores user trust but also encourages increased purchases of your in-game currency.


Youtube Management

Secure your YouTube brand by issuing copyright strikes against videos that promote scam websites and modded platforms, ensuring the protection of your content and brand.


TikTok Management

We conduct thorough scans across TikTok to identify and address any intellectual property infringements on your brand, promptly removing scams or counterfeits for brand protection.

Activision Publishing

Call of Duty: Mobile
Case Study

Call of Duty is the world’s biggest online multiplayer FPS game, but it faced issues with modified APKs and injected hacks. Let us show you how we successfully removed 98% of such videos.

We Remove Fraud & Scams for you.

Our modern day approach to intellectual property (IP) law and copyright infringement involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and data scrapers. These advanced tools enable us to effectively identify and enforce your brand’s intellectual property rights.

Domain Management

Identify and track domains utilizing your trademark on our platform. We initiate the removal procedure and promptly notify both ICANN and local authorities for further action.

YouTube Video Copyright

Utilizing advanced technologies like AI to monitor and swiftly address any potential threats or unauthorized use, ensuring the integrity of your brand online.

Detection across all app stores & APK sites

Identifying on all app marketplaces and APK platforms.

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Identify & Remove.

Detect & Monitor

We scan the internet and find websites & social media promoting modified app versions.

Enforce Intellectual Property

We then enforce your intellectual property and remove fake APKs on social media & websites through your trademark rights.


Disable and remove content from the website.

Brand Protection
for all channels.

Our proactive approach, powered by advanced technologies, ensures swift detection and mitigation of potential risks and unauthorized activities, maintaining the trust and reputation of your brand in the digital space.

Revenue Growth.

BrandGain customers are experiencing significant revenue growth as users transition from utilizing freeware to making purchases.

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