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We use AI Detection models to scan the internet and enforce your brands Trademark, Copyright & Intellectual Property to combat fraud.

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Social Media

Take down fraudelent accounts and posts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more


Proactively remove and suspend fraudulent entities utilizing your domain, effectively combating phishing and scams.


Eliminate the presence of scam websites promoting fraud by de-indexing them permanently, ensuring they do not resurface.

Why it's important?

Mitigate Revenue Loss

Users downloading modified versions of your app with unlimited currency. These alterations not only disrupt the intended economic balance but also undermine the in-app purchase system, affecting the overall revenue generation.

User Safety

Avoiding fake apps and scams is crucial for user safety and protects your company’s reputation, fostering trust and sustained customer loyalty.

Phishing & Spoofing

Guard against phishing and spoofing threats to uphold user security and maintain the integrity of your company’s online presence, reinforcing trust and ensuring a safe digital environment for your users.


YouTube Brand Protection

Leveraging advanced technology and robust algorithms, BrandGain efficiently identifies unauthorized use of your content through YouTube’s Content ID system. This platform not only detects potential infringements but also provides streamlined mechanisms for content removal.

Domain Management

With its advanced features, BrandGain aids in the detection and identification of domain names that infringe on your trademark. This platform not only alerts you to potential threats but also facilitates the streamlined process of seizing control over these domains, ensuring that your brand is shielded from unauthorized use

App Protection

Fake APKs can significantly undermine revenue by luring users into deceptive versions of an app, leading to financial losses, compromised user trust, and tarnished brand reputation.

Cyberlocker & Scam Removal

Protect your assets with fraud & scam removal, which detects and prevents unauthorized use and distribution, ensuring the security of your content. Anti-piracy plays a crucial role in preserving a brand’s reputation for quality, authenticity, and trustworthiness.

TikTok Content Management

Identifying potential scam videos on TikTok involves scanning content for suspicious claims, exaggerated promises, and dubious links, while also considering user engagement and feedback.

Activision Publishing

Call of Duty: Mobile
Case Study

Call of Duty is the world’s biggest online multiplayer FPS game, but it faced issues with modified APKs and injected hacks. Let us show you how we successfully removed 98% of such videos.

Revenue Growth.

BrandGain customers are experiencing significant revenue growth as users transition from utilizing freeware to making purchases.

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