Call Of Duty: Mobile Views on Social Media Skyrocketed - but so did the scammers.

Here’s what we detected.

Videos Per week
video views per week
MOD apk Downloads
fraud websites

Our Proposed Solutions for
Call of Duty: Mobile

Remove Fake Videos

Swiftly addressing and removing videos featuring hacks, aimbots, esps, and COD Points generators to maintain the integrity of the brand and gaming experience.

Take Down Websites

Eliminating scam websites offering illegitimate in-game benefits, such as fake currency, cheats, or unauthorized promotions.

App Protection

Engaging legal channels to file cease and desist orders, compelling mod websites to cease their activities related to creating and distributing modified game files.

De-index websites engaged in the dissemination of unauthorized game modifications, ensuring that they are not easily accessible through search engines.


BrandGain’s comprehensive brand protection campaign yielded outstanding results for Call of Duty: Mobile grappling with fraudulent websites and scam videos. In the case of fraudulent websites, BrandGain issued cease and desist orders to 70 identified offenders, achieving a 82% success rate in takedowns and legal compliance. Simultaneously, on YouTube, the team identified and submitted removal requests for 5513 scam videos, resulting in an impressive 99% success rate for takedowns. These impactful actions not only significantly enhanced the client’s online reputation but also restored consumer trust by eliminating fraudulent content. The success of the legal measures acted as a potent deterrent, reinforcing BrandGain’s commitment to upholding brand integrity and consumer safety in the digital realm.

It's time to take back your brand.

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