Brand Protection

Fraud & Scam Removal

Detect and remove phishing, scams and cyberlockers from websites & social media

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Why do brands need Anti-Piracy?

Protecting your IP

Protect your assets with fraud & scam removal, which detects and prevents unauthorized use and distribution, ensuring the security of your content

Brand Reputation

Anti-piracy plays a crucial role in preserving a brand’s reputation for quality, authenticity, and trustworthiness by thwarting the spread of copyright infringements.

Revenue Loss

Detecting and countering illicit activities, anti-piracy ensures that brands can optimize their revenue potential.

We Stop Cyberlockers.

Detect & Monitor

We scan the internet and find websites & social media promoting cyberlockers.

Enforce Intellectual Property

We then enforce your intellectual property and remove cyberlockers on social media & websites through your trademark rights.


Disable and remove content from the website or redirect all traffic to your website.

It's time to take back your brand.

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